Monday, June 17, 2013

Summits #169-171 - Buffalo Mountain, Virginia

Elev. 3,971 ft.

     My wife and I spent this past weekend in the beautiful rural town of Floyd, Virginia. It's the kind of place that should probably be a well known Appalachian vacation destination by now, complete with miniature golf and go kart tracks. Thankfully, it is not. And that's just the way most of it's residents like it. Life moves at a slow, steady pace in this part of the world and it's just about the most relaxing place you could possibly imagine. Just off the famous Blue Ridge Parkway (which winds it's way a few miles from town) lies Buffalo Mountain, the highest peak in Floyd County. I managed to hike the mountain all three days I was in town and was shocked to have the entire mountain pretty much to myself. The rocky, exposed summit offers breathtaking 360 degree views of the surrounding farms and woods. It's a beautiful spot. Just don't tell anyone - It's our little secret. 

Buffalo Mountain is named for it's Buffalo shaped "hump"

wildflowers if full bloom in SW Virginia

views from the summit

Buffalo Summit sunrise

Virginia sunset

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