Monday, March 4, 2013

Summit # 71 - Big Cedar Mountain, GA (Preacher Rock)

     This past Saturday night I stepped outside to take the dog out and instantly, my sunday morning was planned. It was (just barely) snowing. Like a kid on Christmas, I headed inside and turned on my electric blanket picked a peak to hike in the mountains, where I knew there would be a nice dusting by morning.
     I can remember a time in my life when I would often make fun of southerners for freaking out about the snow. After all, I was born in Pennsylvania, where its seen by most as a seasonal nuisance (at best). And while I still chuckle at the sight of people emptying grocery store shelves at the forecast of a chance of flurries, I must admit that I have turned the corner on being excited about snow. (The fact that we never get enough to require shoveling may have something to do with that). After all, nothing beats hiking in the mountains with a (light) dusting of the white stuff. Hopefully I'm not developing a southern drawl too.
     With that admission out of the way, I must urge everyone to check out Preacher Rock atop Big Cedar Mountain in the Chattahoochee National Forest here in Georgia. It's close (1.5 hours from Atlanta) and accessible (3 mile round trip hike on the AT, around 600 feet of elevation gain). And the pictures speak for themselves - it's beautiful (especially with just enough snow to cover everything - that's how we do it here in the south).